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Add sorting to events backend using jQuery tablesorter

Sébastiaan Versteeg requested to merge feature/jquery-events-sorting into master

Closes #494 (closed)

Short description

Add sorting to events backend using jQuery tablesorter

Long description

After a conversation with Kirsten and Jan at the wine tasting I was pointed to the fact that the pizza admin (which is built in the frontend) has a jQuery table sorting plugin. So I went on an adventure to see if this would be hard to add to the existing backend. And if it would be better than @ghogewind's solution.

So after some experimentation I found that it was fairly easy, adding some JS and CSS. Previously I thought that replicating Django's sorting capabilities on our custom pages would be best. However, this is so easy and perfectly re-usable (also if Django makes breaking changes) that I think we should consider this instead.

Also, it doesn't need any changes in the code of the views. And doesn't require reloading the page :p

Steps to use this feature

  1. Open an event's registration page.
  2. Click or tap a column header for the column you want to sort by.
  3. The table is sorted.
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