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WIP: Release/1.3

Luuk Scholten requested to merge release/1.3 into master

🔖 Thalia Website v1.3.0

Errors resolved

  • Fix context of "order" translation, making it 'bestellen' i.p.v. 'volgorde' (!291 (merged))
  • Fix ordering of numeric data in pizza frontend, sorting now makes sense (!287 (merged))
  • Fix some style issues (!274 (merged))
  • Fix "view on site" for vacancies backend (!293 (merged))
  • Improve exam and summary upload form (!294 (merged))

New functionality

  • Translate Thalia Logo Images (!300 (merged))
  • Make sure members cannot cancel or change pizza order when not allowed (!295 (merged))
  • Add message to the end of the newsletter regarding language change (!299 (merged))
  • 🚚 Add possibility to change order of newsletter items (!298 (merged))

Technical changes

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