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WIP: Release/1.2

Luuk Scholten requested to merge release/1.2 into master

🔖 Thalia Website v1.2.0

Errors resolved

  • Fix wrong translation for "Order" (bestelling) in pizza module (!260 (merged))
  • Fix saving of registration fields by preventing error where *_None field does not exist (!266 (merged))
  • Fix username in welcome email (wrong user variable pass) (!269 (merged))
  • Revoke permissions on committee functionality for old committe members (!261 (merged))
  • Fix newsletter header image in all languages (!268 (merged))
  • Fix downloadbaarheid bestanden in /styleguide (!281 (merged))

New functionality

Technical changes

  • Implement random-as-a-service API (!264 (merged))
  • Add (very) old ical URL to the deprecation feed (!265 (merged))
  • Fully prevent redirecting to logout page after login (also works in admin now) (!267 (merged))
  • Add .gif files as binary in .gitattributes (!272 (merged))
  • Add .otf files as binary in .gitattributes (!273 (merged))
  • Correctly check for overlapping memberships and chairs (!246 (merged))
  • Make starting year for fixture users truly random (!280 (merged))
  • Add open graph tag to render FB image correctly (!283 (merged))
  • Make /crash superuser-only

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