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WIP: Release/1.4

Luuk Scholten requested to merge release/1.4 into master

🔖 Thalia Website v1.4.0

Errors resolved

  • Prevent board memberships from ever expiring (!304 (merged))
  • Fix thabloids breaking sitemap.xml (!308 (merged))
  • Display correct initial join date for consecutive committee memberships (!313 (merged))
  • Update and fix translations for events app (!318 (merged))
  • Fix current year in statistics to mean current lecture year (!330 (merged))
  • Fix order of events in list view (!331 (merged))
  • Correctly order Thabloids in descending order (!336 (merged))
  • Show '?' instead of '1970' for missing committee join dates (!334 (merged))
  • Enforce committee membership enddates in the past (consistency with info text) (!335 (merged))
  • Change translation of 'jaarlaag' to 'cohort' in events app (!339 (merged))
  • FIx comparison of board when updating a board (!340 (merged))
  • Update session-stored partners upon changes (!337 (merged))
  • Fix 'option 3' text in styleguid (!343 (merged))

New functionality

  • Add '[THALIA]' to subject of newsletters (!311 (merged))
  • Add warning to photo administration that full-sized photos will not be stored (!297 (merged))
  • Make sure models are ordered in administration dropdowns (!314 (merged))
  • Add events sitemap to sitemap.xml (!319 (merged))
  • Add vacancies to sitemap.xml (!320 (merged))
  • Allow events to be organized by the board (!322 (merged))
  • Redirect board item in menu to point to current board (!324 (merged))
  • Update footer and add link to gitlab (!317 (merged))
  • TinyMCE editor field in administration automatically cleans text when pasting (!328 (merged))
  • Update introduction text for vacancies page (!332 (merged), !356 (merged))
  • Add app for creating and displaying announcements (!338 (merged))
  • Add support for uploading photo albums as tar files (!341 (merged))
  • Improve default ordering of pizzas and orders in overview (!344 (merged))
  • Improve board urls, and add check that makes sure only one board per year exists (!325 (merged))

Technical changes


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